Episode 52: Editor, Author and Proofreader Jennifer Mosher

October 10, 2014


Today John is joined by Jennifer Mosher, who is an Editor, Author and Proofreader. After a 30 year history in accounting, Jenny swapped numbers for words in 2005 and now enjoys the pleasure of helping people bring their message to an audience through editing, proofreading, formatting and advisory services.

Jenny is also the author of the children’s stories Who Caught the Yawn? And Where Did the Sneeze Go? as well as the ebook Simple Rules for Effective Business Communication.

Check out her website here: http://www.jennifermoshereditor.com


Episode 51: Author Margaret Rose Stringer

October 7, 2014



Today we are joined by author Margaret Rose Stringer. Margaret Rose has had extensive experience in radio and television. Her memoir, And then Like my Dreams, published by Fremantle Press, is the story of her life with her husband Charles ‘Chic’ Stringer set against the backdrop of the entertainment industry.

To find out more about Margaret Rose’s book, ‘And then like my dreams: A Memoir’, head to: www.margaretrosestringer.com. Also be sure to check out her blog on this site.  

Please note that this podcast episode was recorded via Skype, and unfortunately has some distortion and volume inconsistency.