Episode 40: Author Joy Ware - HistoryRead

September 19, 2013

In this podcast episode Naomi interviews Joy Ware, author of Altnachree: An Irish castle, a family and a man with a passion. This title fits in nicely with our September reading theme – #HistoryRead. Part biography, family history and local history all mixed into one, this book tells the story of Joy’s ancestors and their grand family home, Altnachree Castle, which is now an old ruin located in County Tyrone, Ireland.


Episode 39: FurRead with Eleonora Jezierska

September 6, 2013

In August we celebrated #FurRead (books about animals) by chatting to animal lover and library assistant Eleonora Jezierska. Eleonora gives us some great suggestions for where to look for healthy yet tasty vegan recipes, and tells us her favorite books and films concerning animal rights.