Episode 35: Crimeread with Authors Lenny Bartulin and P. M. Newton

April 7, 2013

Australian crime-fiction authors P.M. Newton and Lenny Bartulin talk about writing, inspiration and their novels – The Old School by P.M. Newton and A Deadly Business, The Black Russian and De Luxe by Lenny Bartulin.

Pam has given talks and workshops on writing crime fiction, the journey to publication and, of course, on her first book, The Old School. Set in Sydney, this is an edgy novel featuring police detective Nhu “Ned” Kelly. Much more than a simple whodunit, this novel explores social issues such as Aboriginal land rights and the Vietnam War. Newton’s experience as a former police detective gives the story a gripping credibility. Click here to find out more about Pam and her books, and follow her on Twitter here.

Lenny’s books centre around Jack Susko, second-hand book dealer and trouble magnet. This is a loveable character who always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Black Russian was shortlisted for the 2010 Ned Kelly Award for Best Fiction, and with good reason. Written with great humour, the classic dialogue, fast-paced action, and disastrous scenarios in these books are sure to give you a good chuckle. Click here to find out more about Lenny at Scribe Publications.