Episode 34: Ecoread with Author A.D. Martin

March 20, 2013

Author A. D. Martin talks climate change, connecting with nature, the ills of rampant consumerism, his tips for simpler living, and his latest good non-fiction reads. Food for thought!

You can find out more about his book, ‘One: A Survival Guide for the Future' here.

Growing up in a small town, A. D. Martin went on to a career in finance where he found himself mixing with some of the world’s leading business minds. Along the way he experienced a number of life changing events, all of which contributed to a growing awareness and a gradual awakening. His experiences and business background formed the foundation for his economic, spiritual and practical awakening, providing insights into the challenges humanity faces over the coming years. He has now dedicated his life to helping individuals grow and awaken to the realities of our new future - a brighter, more resilient and sustainable future. That of One...


Episode 33 - Read Watch Play - Heartread

March 8, 2013

In this episode, Naomi talks about #Heartread, the 'Read, Watch, Play' theme for February. #Heartread can be romantic, moving, emotional, or really anything  that touches your heart. During 2013, the Blue Mountains Library is promoting Read, Watch, Play - an initiative which celebrates reading in all forms – such as books, e-books, films, gaming and the internet.