Episode 31: Read, Watch, Play - Re-read

January 28, 2013

January’s theme is re-read.  No matter what the season, there’s always a good time to pick up your favourite book and read it again, read a controversial book for a second time a decade later, or reread a book you first read at 16 at 30 or 60 to see if it still has the same impact or has improved on re-reading. You may also consider re-watching that favourite movie or television series, re-playing (again) that game which had you hooked so many years/months/weeks/days ago.


Episode 30: Author Jason Foster

January 17, 2013

Jason Foster is an author, poet, journalist and History teacher at Jamison High School in Sydney’s western suburbs. He has been published in American History magazines, Australian travel magazines and poetry anthologies in the United Kingdom. His books include Seven Bones: two wives, two violent murders, a fight for justice (with Peter Seymour), Waiting at the Gate: a Memoir (with Robyn Caughlan) and Fighting Blind (with Shane Horsburgh).